MultiTrainNMT Workshop

July 6

Machine Translation for Everyone workshop by MultiTrainNMT

The workshop “Machine Translation for Everyone” organized by the MultiTrainNMT project is fully booked. Thanks a million for your response.

In this event, the new book “Machine Translation for Everyone; Empowering Users in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” and the ready-made online activities that accompany it, will be presented; they are aimed to help teach the new neural machine translation technologies to non-technical students and more general audiences and effectively empower future users of AI-powered machine translation with a better understanding of how it works and should be used.

The workshop will take place in the late afternoon of 6 July 6, 2022, just after the conference ends. We will start at 17:30 at the Sheraton hotel where the NeTTT conference is held (Lindos Room); then, around 19:30 a bus will take us to the Alexis 4seasons Restaurant in the Old Town where we will continue our discussions while enjoying the view of the sunset and a full-course dinner.

After dinner, the bus will pick up those attendees not wishing to spend the rest of the evening in the Old Town and will drop them off at the hotel.

In addition to the presentation of the book and the activities, the programme features six 10-minute talks where attendees present their experiences in teaching machine translation to translation or language students.