New Trends in
Translation and Technology

Summer School
2-3 July 2022

NeTTT 2022 is delighted to announce the Summer School on Neural Machine Translation (NMT). The organisation of the NMT summer school was motivated by the significant improvement of translation quality delivered by Neural Machine Translation as compared to its predecessor, Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). An increasing number of Machine Translation (MT) providers and researchers are now focusing their efforts on the development of new NMT systems.

The objective of the NMT summer school is to provide students, academics and practitioners with an overview of the state of the art as well as training through advanced lectures and practical sessions. This summer school will be of immense benefit to those who wish to pursue a career in MT and/or translation technologies. It will especially help those who wish to acquire practical skills on how to develop their own NMT systems and compile the necessary resources.

The NMT summer school will present topics which are at the core of modern NMT, from fundamentals to state-of-the-art practice and evaluation, and as such it will be suitable for advanced learners as well as beginners with little programming skills. The speakers are leading experts in their field who talk with enthusiasm about their subjects.

During the summer school, you will also have time to network and discuss ideas with the speakers, tutors and other attendees.